The three billy goats gruff at Lower Campscott Farm

Meet the latest arrivals on the farm – a trio of pygmy goats. There were only meant to be two but when given a hard luck story, particularly an animal hard luck story, Tony is always a soft touch so two became three.

These cheeky little chaps are currently living in a cosy straw filled pen in the big barn with plenty of straw bales to climb on and oh, how they love to play! We’re looking forward to introducing them to our guests as, when they are feeling a bit braver and more settled (the goats not the guests), they will make really good pets and certainly enjoy lots of attention. Pygmy goats are known for their good-natured personalities, friendliness and hardy constitution and, with a bit of time and patience, we hope they can be trained to be led on a collar and lead to enjoy walks round the farm.

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