About the Farm

Experience a farm holiday in North Devon – our 35 acre working family farm is set within three Protected Landscape Designations: the North Devon Heritage Coast, the Coastal Preservation Area, and of course the North Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Just a few miles away, Exmoor has been awarded International Dark Sky Reserve status, the only one in England and one of just nine in the World.
This means that on a clear night because of the air quality and without streetlights we have one of the best views of the constellations in the UK!

Our Farm Animals

Come and feed the farm animals every day with Farmer Tony and help collect the eggs from the chickens.

We have a breeding herd of pedigree Dexter cattle, a small hardy breed of native cattle reared solely on grass. The tender and tasty beef they produce is much prized for its quality by top chefs, but you can try it here – we sell our own farm reared beef here in our shop.

Devon Longwool ram Bertie loves to be fussed and fed. Longwools are an endangered breed originating from Devon, recognised for the quality and quantity of their wool which is shorn twice a year, producing up to 20kg of wool per sheep a year!

Muffin, Gypsy, Tiny and Pip the Shetland ponies love their carrot treats and being groomed and taken for a walk by our guests. Our chickens are various traditional breeds laying different coloured eggs for you to collect in the morning – will you pick up a white one, a blue one or a brown one?

Our pigs, are very cute – energetic and fun they’ll always come running over to greet you in the hope you have some titbits for them.

Coconut, Banjo and Billy are three lively pygmy goats, great fun to watch as they climb and play in their paddock and they love to be petted and fed too.

The wild ducks come every morning and evening, waiting impatiently for Farmer Tony to throw them a scoop of corn. Hold some feed out to them and see if they’ll eat from your hand.

The most popular animals for our younger guests are the rabbits and guinea pigs, the guinea pigs enjoy a cuddle at feeding time and Farmer Tony always makes sure that everybody gets a turn.

Nature and Wildlife

Thanks to a grant from the AONB we now have a beautiful Wild Flower meadow that blooms during early  summer, giving the most fantastic display of colour. The wildife pond and bug hotel attract lots of small visitors, both feathered and creepy crawly and there are picnic tables and benches where you can sit and watch.

The meadow and our Nature Reserve are proving very successful attracting insects and wildlife; this in turn attracts the songbirds. During the spring and early summer the dawn chorus you will experience on your farm farm holiday is something truly unforgettable.

There is a rich variety of wildlife in our North Devon valley, if you are quiet you will be able to spot rabbits, badgers, foxes and grey squirrels in the surrounding countryside, and possibly red deer too. You may also see pheasants, pigeons, house martins and many birds of prey locally. At night you can hear, and maybe see pipistrelle bats and owls.

“North Devon has some of the most spectacular and varied coastal scenery in the country and wonderful seascapes. The coastal and marine life is amongst the richest in the country.” http://www.coastwisenorthdevon.org.uk

Farm holiday in Devon