Winter on the Farm

We’ve had some very wet and windy weather recentlyas well as frosty mornings and clear blue skies – but all the animals are either snug and warm in their own pens and houses, or are well equipped to deal with winter on the North Devon coast. Our Dexter cattle are extremely hardy and live outside all year round, they need no supplementary feed as there is enough grass around the farm to keep them fed. This means the Dexter beef we produce on the farm is from exclusively grass fed animals with a wonderful flavour and texture; you can buy steaks, joints, casserole meat and steak burgers from our farm shop to enjoy during your stay with us or take some home as a little taste of Devon and memories of your holiday at Lower Campscott.

Bertie the Devon longwool ram is now in with his girls so we’re crossing our fingers for the patter of tiny woolly feet at Easter in time for our guests in the holiday cottages. The pigmy goats are tucked up warm and toasty in the barn with a deep straw bed and the guinea pigs & rabbits have extra bedding in their hutches and have also been moved into the barn.

Shetland ponies are used to extreme winters and weather far worse than the comparatively mild North Devon climate which may explain why Gypsy, Muffin, Pip and Tiny would rather be out in the field overlooking Lee Bay instead of wandering into the barn – or maybe they just prefer the wonderful sea views!

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