It’s definitely getting warmer

Hooray! At last the spring sunshine and slightly warmer weather has meant the grass is beginning to grow. The sheep are all out in the fields now and the cattle are enjoying the new grass too.

Our pedigree Dexter cattle are a small hardy breed that can live outside all year round. Originally from the South West of Ireland they are what’s known as dual-purpose cattle, producing excellent beef and milk, and are ideal for conservation grazing. They suit our farm very well and thrive on Lower Campscott’s coastal pasture without over-grazing or damaging the wild flowers.

We mostly raise our cattle for beef although as members of the Dexter Cattle Society we do sometimes sell some stock on and then buy breeding cows in to the herd to bring in new blood. Bisley, our resident bull who is definitely here to stay, is quite a character; he loves attention, his carrot treats and a friendly scratch on the head.

Lower Campscott Dexter beef is always very popular with our guests : much to Tony’s consternation; he likes to think the contents of the beef freezer in the farm shop belong to him!

We were pleased to hear that Dexter beef won a gold medal in the World Steak Challenge last autumn, which confirms what we often claim: that our beef is (probably!) some of the best you will ever taste.

As well as steaks we sell mince, burgers, braising beef and of course fabulous roasting joints for the ultimate Sunday roast. Our homemade meals, cooked in the farm kitchen by Kathy, are also made using Lower Campscott Dexter beef, you can choose from family favourites such as lasagne, cottage pie, goulash and braised beef.

So when you holiday with us be sure to pop in to the shop and try some of our beef – just don’t let Tony see you!!

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