Animal magic & farm fun!

Farmer Tony has had a happy band of enthusiastic mini-farmers every morning for the animal feeding. They’ve been joining in with the farmer’s jobs, helping him feed the sheep and pigmy goats as well as filling up the chicken feeder and checking for eggs. The guinea pigs and rabbits need feeding too and their water has to be topped up; then its cuddle time for Lancelot and Mikey the guinea pigs. After their initial shyness they are now happy to be picked up by Tony and if you sit very quietly on one of the log stools he’ll bring them over for a cuddle on your lap. So who has been forgotten in the feeding round? Well our lovely Shetland ponies Muffin, Gypsy, Tiny and Pip who are waiting, not very patiently (!) by the paddock gate. Gypsy loves to be groomed and made to look her best – what girl doesn’t enjoy a bit of pampering? – and she’s never short of admirers or pony beauty technicians.

Tractor and trailer rides

Tony’s collection of old tractors is well loved by our guests and for some time he’s wanted to find a vintage trailer so that we might be able to offer tractor and trailer rides around the farm. When he saw a lovely vintage, wooden tipping trailer for sale in excellent condition and very local – just down the road in Braunton – he couldn’t resist it. You may have seen a short clip on our Facebook page as he wound it up to tipping position. What a happy boy with his lovely new toy!

Planting a Yorkshire money tree

Have you heard of a Yorkshire money tree? We hadn’t until this summer when one of our guests asked if they could hammer some coins into the tree stump by the children’s play area. Apparently the coins are usually knocked into felled tree trunks by passers-by using stones, they hope it will bring them good luck. When we Googled Yorkshire money trees some incredible images popped up of fallen trees completely covered with coins, it’s early days yet but we’re hoping that more of our guests will join in the fun and hammer in coins whilst making a wish – perhaps to return to Lower Campscott next year?!!

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